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Thermal Imaging Scopes — 20 products

Everything has a certain temperature and everything emits a corresponding amount of this heat in radiation. This is the fact which modern Thermal Imaging technology has exploited. Thermal Imaging technology captures the subtle temperature differences in the surroundings and uses this information to create a picture of the objects around. The fact that they are based on thermal radiation, rather than relying on some source of illumination, makes them indispensable not only for Night Vision, but also for viewing in rain, fog and smoke. They produce an image in the darkest of nights and in the poorest of visibility conditions. The tactical advantage in the field with one of our cutting-edge Thermal Imaging scope  is yours.  We have a superior brands that offer the latest in thermographic technology such as ATN, Armasight and more! Made with the best image correcting capabilities on the market, our weapons mountable Thermal Vision Scopes afford their users sharp vision even in perfect darkness. Unlike night vision, which requires ambient light to fashion a visual, infrared imaging generates images with the thermal contrast that exists between warm bodies and their naturally cooler surroundings. Still not certain you understand the difference? We have a helpful Thermal Imaging Guide to ensure that you get exactly what you're looking for. Because thermal imaging technology detects radiation and temperature variances, the resulting image cuts through dust, smoke, fog, haze, and other battlefield obscurants, exposing your target in lucid clarity. At we have a number of exceptional options for you to choose from including Thermal Imaging Scopes, Infrared Rifle Scopes and more! So whether you are performing search and rescue, recon, hunting, or covert tactical operations, one of our world-class Thermal Imaging Scope is sure to give you the upper hand in the darkness. Among the awesome specifications you can find in our weapons mountable Thermal Vision Scope are zoom functions, multiple reticle options, color modes such as black/white polarity, waterproof aircraft aluminum alloy constructions.