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Bags and Backpacks — 48 products

Backpacks are an essential part of any outfit. Whatever your needs, we have the appropriate backpack for you. Backpacks allow you to carry a equipments and all essential gear on your outdoor excursions. A tactical backpack is designed for longer trips with your gear, and therefore is larger and designed for greater weight limits. Camera and photo backpacks are designed to keep your equipment dry and safe from damage by using soft linings and have pockets positioned for quick access. No need to get confused about which backpack is right for you? Keep reading for a more in depth look at pack uses, or check out our How to Choose a Backpack Guide for extra guidance and sizing assistance. For further info our product experts are waiting by the phone to answer all of your questions and get you ready for your next trip. Hunting backpacks are intended for 1-2 day outdoor trips, since even longer hunts are usually done from base camps. Therefore, 20 liter to 50 liter backpacks is preferred. You don't want to be weighed down when out in the backcountry, so a smaller pack will suffice. Still, make sure that it has chest and waist straps to alleviate the weight from your shoulders. Hunting backpacks will most likely come with a myriad of pockets or MOLLE webbing to attach various pouches. A hydration bladder compartment is preferable so you can keep hydrated throughout the day. Enough space needs to be left to carry your quartered animal after field dressing back to base camp. Tactical backpacks and rucksacks are larger, usually in the 60+ liter range, depending on the mission and the situation. Tactical operators have a lot of gear they need to carry and it has to all fit into a backpack. Usually fitted with MOLLE/PALS webbing for customization, all have chest and waist straps to alleviate the 80+ pounds that operators can find themselves lugging around. Most tactical backpacks come with hydration system compartments or built-in pouches so you can keep hydrated on the go and don't have water splashing around and making noise that could give you away. Tactical backpacks are rugged and perfect even for civilian application, like long excursions in the great outdoors. Hiking backpacks are the loosest term due to the nature of various hikes. This pack can be used for both day hikes and expeditions. For day hikes and weekend trips, you can opt for 30-50 liter packs weighing 1.5 lbs - 5 lbs. Once again, these packs should have a chest strap and a waist strap. Hiking through a wooded area or a mountainous terrain requires a lot of energy, and even weight distribution is essential. Hydration bladder compartments allow you to keep hydrated throughout the day. Photo and video equipment backpacks are a unique niche that gives imaging men a functional carrying solution for their equipment without having to worry about the safety of their gear. Soft padded compartments and dividers within the photo and video backpacks are quickly accessed through strategically located pockets, allowing the cameraman to get their gear right in the nick of time in order to capture a shot that may present itself at any moment and disappear in an instant. These packs are not intended for long hikes, but are great for day trips in urban areas and the outdoors alike.