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Range Finders — 8 products

Most of the top brands of range finders are available in We are the top ecommerce place to choose Range Finders. We have laser range finders designed for hundreds of different applications requiring measurement of distance and other values such as speed, slope and angle. With a huge stock of golf range finders, hunting range finders, industrial, and military rangefinders, you can take the guesswork out of measuring distances. Take a look at all our range-finder categories above to find the devices that are the best fit for your application. A laser range-finder is a device which uses a laser beam in order to determine with incredible accuracy the distance to an opaque object. Similar to a police radar gun, a laser range finder works by sending a laser pulse in a narrow beam towards the object and then measuring how long it takes for the pulse to bounce off the target and return to the sender. Take your best shot with confidence when you use a digital range finder - our laser range finders measure line-of-sight distance using eye-safe lasers and precision electronics. We now even offer range finder rifle scopes! Distance is displayed in the magnified monocular and gives the user with a true view of the field or course. Want to know more about rangefinders? Please read our Rangefinder Buyer's Guide. Be sure to read our rangefinder reviews. Still confused and overwhelmed with options? Let our product experts offer years worth of experience and help you choose when you give us a call or email. Many other top brand name range finder manufacturers offer devices for many applications.  There are also laser rangefinder vendors that product specialized industrial / construction rangefinders. Our range finding devices are offered at deeply discounted wholesale prices! Most range-finders offered by TOG are waterproof or water / weather resistant - rugged and strong to be taken on a hunt or hike. Laser Tech rangefinders have the capability of inclination measurement, and these LTI laser rangefinders are compact, light-weight and great for forestry management, professional mapping, mining/explosives engineering and utilities. The ability to be tripod mountable offers the opportunity for more accurate measured results. The range provided by rangefinders offered by TOG starts at a minimum of 1 yard and goes up to a maximum of 1700 yds, and most of our advanced rangefinders allow switching between yards, feet, and meters.