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How to Maintain and Extend the Life of your Leatherman

October 14, 2020 How To Guides

You invested in the multi-tool you’ve been drooling over. You get it dirty, use the tools, complete some projects, and feel good about it.

Now it’s time to clean and maintain that tool so that it serves you for years to come.

Leatherman Everyday Preparedness Kit

October 13, 2020 How To Guides

You don’t need to be preparing for a natural disaster to have a preparedness kit on you. With just a few basic items you’ll be ready to take on all kinds of obstacles you may encounter on a daily basis. While some items on this list may be common sense, we hope this article will serve as a reminder to keep you prepared for the expected and unexpected.

7 Tips for Storing Camera Gear

September 15, 2020 How To Guides

The best photographers know that the prize-winning shots are the ones that come from off the beaten path, from the middle of a rainstorm, from the far-off angles that you can’t get to easily. They also know that these places can be disastrous for expensive photography gear. The fact is, cameras are fragile and expensive, and they operate best when they are free of debris, moisture and impact. A solid storage solution — both while out in the field snapping photos and when not in use at home — is crucial for any dedicated photographer. So what are some simple and effective ways to keep your camera safe and sound between uses?

How to Pack a Cooler the Pelican Way

September 14, 2020 How To Guides

Though not complicated, packing a cooler is a task that involves some considerable forethought and strategy. We’ve all experienced the dreaded soggy butter boxes and floating soda cans, but prevention comes down to two important factors: selecting the right cooler and packing it properly. The first one is easy if you use a Pelican cooler. The second one takes a little bit of practice and planning, but it’s practice and planning that goes a long way.

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