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Yukon Spotting Scope 6-100x100

Yukon Spotting Scope 6-100x100 #21031K


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  • Wide magnification range
  • Two independent optical channels
  • Changeable eyepiece position
  • Photo & Video adaptable
  • Lightweight
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Product Description:

Users will get clear views at distances up to 1,000 yards with the Yukon 6-100X100 Spotting Scope with Nylon Carrying Case. This spotting scope allow users to efficiently acquire targets, while the 25-100x magnification is perfect for viewing longer distances. The Yukon 6-100X100 Spotting Scope with Angled Eyepiece features a 100mm objective lens that permits more light to enter the scope, making the image crisper and clearer. The Yukon Spotting scope provides great versatility by giving the user two scopes in one, offering both a 6-25x optical system and a 25-100x optical system. Whether you are a shooter, big game hunter, bird watcher, or an enthusiast who enjoys bringing the great outdoors closer, the Yukon 6-100X100 Dual Optical Spotting Scope will satisfy all viewing needs

Product Specification:

Magnification, x (Main Channel) 25 – 100
Magnification, x (Auxiliary channel) 6 – 25
Lens Diameter, mm (Main Channel) 100
Lens Diameter, mm (Auxiliary channel) 25
Lens Focus, mm (Main Channel) 600
Lens Focus, mm (Auxiliary Channel) 150
Relative Aperture (Main Channel) 1
Relative Aperture (Auxiliary Channel) 1
Field of View, angle (Auxiliary channel) 7° at 6x
Field of View, angle (Main Channel) 2.5° at 25x
Field of view (m @1000m) (Auxiliary channel) 22.8m @ 6x
Field of view (m @1000m) (Main Channel) 3.7m @ 25x
Eye Relief, mm (Main Channel) 12
Eye Relief, mm (Auxiliary Channel) 16
Exit Pupil, mm (Main and Auxiliary Channel) 4 … 1
Minimum focusing distance, m 10m @ 6x
Minimum focusing distance, m 200m @ 100x
Measurement range, m 1000
Min. Measurement range, m 5
Accuracy of range measurement, m ±1
Speed measurement range, km/h 5 to 100
Diopter adjustment, dptr A±5
Resolution (ang. sec.) (Main Channel) 2"-1.2"
Resolution (ang. sec.) (Auxiliary Channel) 6"-2"
Tripod mount (inch) 1/4, 3/8
Nitrogen purged Yes
Twilight Factor 12.2 – 100
Dimensions 425 x 119 x 165
Lens Material Enhanced Glass
Body Material Plastic
Weight, kg 1.5
Operating Temperature, °C -30 to +40/-22...104
Level of Protection (acc. To IEC 60529) IPX3
Warranty Period (year)  one year

Product Features:

Wide magnification range
The unique feature of the spotting scope Yukon 6-100x100 is an extra wide magnification range (from 6x to 100x). The Yukon 6-100x100 is perfect for long-range fixed surveillance

Two independent optical channels
The spotting scope Yukon 6-100х100 has two independent optical channels. The upper 25mm channel (magnification range from 6x to 25x) can be used for preliminary target acquisition. The lower main optical channel (100 mm lens) provides detailed image of remote objects at 25-100x magnification. Magnification of the main and auxiliary optical channels is selected with the help of the eyepiece wheel. To switch between two channels just turn the knob on either side of the housing

Changeable eyepiece position
Designed with comfort in mind the Yukon’s 6-100х100 revolving eyepiece of 45 degrees allows 360 degree rotation relative to the axis of the scope. This design maximizes user comfort during observation from any position and when using tripods of any height

Photo & Video adaptable
The Yukon 6-100x100 spotting scope can be used not only for observation but for photographing and filming too. Using the Digital Camera Adapter and Yukon Video attachment, you can benefit from these options, even at distances unachievable with long focus systems

Package Contents:

  • Spotting Scope
  • Carrying Case
  • User Manual
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Warranty Card


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